Lifting Equipment General [LEG-B]


Lifting Equipment General is an Advanced Programme which focuses on the inspection and thorough examination of lifting accessories.

With the blended delivery, student study the e-Learning course and then attend a 2 day instructor led session, where they will review the training material with a chance to discuss and ask questions. The student then takes the written assessment.


Instructor led training: 2 days
e-Learning: average 20 hours

Delivery options

  • e-Learning 
  • Blended learning available at our Huntingdon Training Centre or at your company’s location Members only

Starting from £345

Course contents

  1. Legislation
  2. Heat Treatment
  3. Stress and Strain
  4. Verification of Lifting Equipment
  5. Components for Slings
  6. Chain and Chain Slings
  7. Steel Wire Rope Slings
  8. Fibre Rope Slings
  9. Textile Webbing Slings
  10. Textile Roundslings
  11. Shackles & Eyebolts
  12. Rigging Screws & Turnbuckles
  13. Plate Clamps
  14. Clamps
  15. Lifting Beams
  16. Lifting Magnets
  17. Vacuum Lifters
  18. Crane Forks & C-Hooks