Mobile Crane Examination [MCE] Advanced Programme


Mobile Crane Examination is an Advanced Programme which focuses on the inspection and thorough examination of mobile cranes.


e-Learning: average 20 hours

Delivery options

  • e-Learning

Starting from £345

Course contents

  1. Legislation
  2. Standards and Codes of Practice
  3. Health and Safety Requirements and Site Risk Assessments
  4. Mobile Cranes (Development)
  5. Thorough Examination – Statutory Requirements
  6. Verification Methods and Equipment
  7. Testing
  8. Crane Types
  9. Load Charts
  10. Rated Capacity Indicators
  11. Crane Signals
  12. Conducting the Thorough Examination of Mobile Telescoping Cranes
  13. Basic Hydraulic Systems for Mobile Telescoping Cranes
  14. Thorough Examination of the Mobile Telescoping Crane Superstructure
  15. Telescoping Booms
  16. Limit Switches and Safety Devices
  17. Wire Rope Examination
  18. Reporting Procedures