Educate, influence and enable so that best practice is everyday action.

We’re established across Australia as the leading trade association for all those involved in the lifting industry.

LEEA members benefit from:

Technical support

  • Expert technical advice
  • Technical audits
  • Guidance on meeting safety standards

Training services

  • Discounted prices for LEEA training courses
  • Access to our full range of training delivery and customisation options
  • Gain TEAM cards for LEEA qualified employees
  • Join our Accredited Training Scheme as a provider

Official industry representation

  • Standards organisation
  • Government departments
  • UK health & safety executive
  • Certification bodies

Resources and information

  • Full access to the LEEA Library, an extensive collection of essential documents and resources relating to all aspects of the safety, design, manufacture, testing, examination, servicing, certification and supply of lifting equipment
  • Regular communications containing the latest technical, legal and safety advice and industry news
  • Discounted price for publications
  • LEEA consultancy service
  • Access to Partnership Services covering employment, Health & Safety, Tax & VAT and commercial legal issues

Promotional and networking opportunities

  • Use of the LEEA logo
  • Networking opportunities and exclusive events worldwide
  • Promotional listing on the LEEA website which had over 79,000 visitors in the last 12 months

Membership categories

Provisional member

  • A company going through the application process to become a Member. They will be assigned another category when membership is formally offered. LEEA will work with our provisional members for up to 2 years to help them meet the full membership criteria.

Full member

  • An organisation engaged for profit in the verification of lifting equipment, and which, in the opinion of the directors is competent and can give an adequate service.

Associate member

  • An organisation engaged for profit in any of the following related to lifting equipment and which in the opinion of the Directors is competent and can give an adequate service.
  • A government department, nationalised body, or other organisation approved by the Directors which, in support of its main activity and not directly for profit or by way of trade, is engaged in any of the following activities related to lifting equipment.

Membership pricing

Fast track route

Receive an on-site compliance audit within 3 months. This is the fastest way to become a LEEA member.

$5,760 AUD

Application fee $3,550, then pay $2,210 annually

Standard route

Receive an on-site compliance audit within 12 months. A cheaper but slower option to become a LEEA member.

$3,960 AUD

Application fee $1,750, then pay $2,210 annually

How to become a LEEA member

Step 01

Provisional member

Decide whether you want to take the standard or fast track route to membership. Complete an initial expression of interest form and we will contact you with details about the application process.

Step 02

Complete a full application

After paying the application fee, you will be asked to complete a full application online.

Step 03

Pre-audit assessment

Next, we will ask you to submit documents so that we can conduct a pre-audit assessment and prepare for when we visit you to conduct a compliance audit on site.

Step 04

Compliance audit

We will visit your company to carry out a compliance audit and provide feedback with our recommendations.

Step 05

Membership offer

Following a compliance audit, we will decide what category of membership is suitable and make a membership offer.

Step 06

Become a member

You will receive a membership certificate and be able to access all member benefits.

Your membership subscription renews annually and there will be ongoing audits throughout your membership.