We believe best practice is everyday action.

LEEA Australia & New Zealand promotes enhanced standards and sustainable development for the worldwide lifting and safety industry.

LEEA began in 1944, as the London Chain Testers Association. Over the next 75 years, we evolved to become the Peak Body for the Lifting Equipment industry we are today. LEEA was established in Australia in 2009, with a number of members joining the association as a way to demonstrate their specialist skills in the testing, inspection and certification of lifting equipment. As a specialised industry, our members needed to differentiate themselves as industry leaders and LEEA’s stringent auditing and training process is by far the best opportunity to ensure technicians are competent.

Since then LEEA in Australia and New Zealand represents nearly 100 members and is a highly regarded representative body for the industry.

A vision-driven approach

Member focused

Everything we do must be aimed at improving the position of our members.

Outward facing

We will build relationships with the sectors in which our members work.

Forward looking

We will look to the future and develop solutions which ensure that our employers stay ahead of the curve.

Insight sharing

We will share our work and insights with our members.

Excellence seeking

At all times we must aim to be excellent.

From London Chain Testers Association to LEEA Australia


London Chain Testers Association founded

The Association made quick progress on negotiations with the government and soon turned their attention to other areas where cooperative action would be mutually beneficial.


Name change

As the Association’s geographical boundaries expanded across the UK, there was a name change to the Chain Testers Association of Great Britain.


The Chain Testers’ Handbook was published

The Chain Testers’ Handbook brought together for the first time all the essential information required by the ‘man at the bench’ – the chain tester.


Examination scheme introduced

An examination scheme for lifting equipment engineers was introduced.


COPSULE launches

The Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (COPSULE) was launched.


Training courses first introduced

Training courses were introduced to prepare students for exams that are today sat by more than a thousand candidates around the world each year.


LOLER legislation impacts LEEA

A new piece of legislation, the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), had a huge impact and meant LEEA’s training, qualifications and publications had to be fundamentally reworked.

LEEA’s support and guidance became even more important to members obliged to comply with the new requirements. In the absence of sector-specific health and safety legislation, many companies operating in other parts of the world began to adopt LOLER as best practice, further enhancing the appeal of LEEA membership.



The LiftEx trade show was launched.


Location change

LEEA moved into new headquarters with a purpose built training centre.


TEAM Card scheme

TEAM Card registration and identity scheme for qualified engineers and technicians was introduced.


LEEA transforms into a truly international body

Perhaps the most striking is LEEA’s transformation into a truly international body. Regardless of where they are based, there is now no distinction between members – all are subject to the same technical audits prior to being granted full membership, with regular follow-up visits as long as they wish to remain part of the association.

We have dedicated local groups operating in the Middle East and Australia. LEEA staff have become globetrotters as we regularly meet existing and potential members, as well as a host of other stakeholders, right across the world.


75th anniversary

 2019 saw LEEA celebrate our 75th anniversary with a suite of initiatives as we look to the future and sustainability of our industry:

  • Think Lifting Schools Engagement Programme
  • The Apprenticeship Standard
  • 75:75 Military Transition Scheme
  • Enhancing the audit process and raising the bar of membership
  • Conducting more training at members’ premises and online
  • Set up of a technical triage system
  • Launch of the 9th edition of the COPSULE
  • Hosting more member events, including LEEA’s Parliamentary Reception


Regional Council established

In 2021 LEEA Australia and New Zealand established their Regional Council. The Regional Council is there to support the Regional Manager manage the works plan for the region.

We’ve got an ambitious plan for the region and we thank the Regional Council for their contribution and our members for their support.

What’s next?

The future of LEEA

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